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If for some reason you've stumbled onto this page by accident, it is for testing purposes only, here's a link to our home page if you were looking for our main site.

100398style.html Keyword data included in the style tag

011699frames.html Frames testing

011799frame1.html Frames testing

100398style2.html Keyword data included in the style tag without comment

010597alt.html Keyword data included in the image .alt tag

010597com.html Keyword data in the <! -- comment -- > tag

010597desc.html Keyword data in the <meta> description tag

010597dublin.html Dublin Core meta data test page

010597equiv.html Check to find out if http-equiv data is indexed

010597form.html Data in a hidden input tag

010597key.html Data in the meta keyword tag

010597link1.html Data in a hyperlink description

010597link2.html Data within the hyperlink url itself

010597title.html Data in the title tag (end of sentence)

010597title2.html Data in the title tag (start of sentence)

010598hide1.html Data between the title and the body tag

010598hide2.html Data just outside the title tag

010598hide3.html Data between the html and head tag

010598hide4.html Data first thing in document

012898desc.html Description test

012898title.html Title Length

012998key.html  Meta Keyword Length

021298key.html  Meta Http-equiv Keyword Length

021298desc.html  Meta http-equiv Keyword Length

022598meta.html  Meta http-equiv Keyword Length

form.htmlForm option text